DRC: confirmation of elections Sunday preceded by talks Saturday

 DRC: confirmation of elections Sunday preceded by discussions Saturday

KINSHASA – There will be Elections Sunday in the Democratic Republic of Congo, repeated Friday the president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) after a meeting with the three main candidates and observers in Africa.

All, however, have planned to meet again on Saturday at 13H00 (12H00 GMT) to continue the discussions.

Talks focus on "a text that engages candidates for peace" before, during and after the ballot, according to participants.

The text of this text has not been released.

Opposition candidate Martin Fayulu insisted that this commitment be signed by both the candidates and the CENI. Present, the representatives of the majority candidate Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary did not speak.

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Sunday's presidential election must designate the successor of President Joseph Kabila in a country that has never known a peaceful transmission of power.

"On the 30th this Sunday we will all vote, this Sunday there will be elections, we will vote for our next President of the Republic, we will vote for our national deputies, and we will vote for our MPs" said the president of the CENI, Corneille Nangaa to the press at the end of the meeting.

million. Fayulu refused any electronic transmission of the results.

"In these consultations, we wanted to tell the CENI that the results of the elections of December 30 should be results that will come from the manual counting (note: bulletins), that's what the CENI has recognized" , he said.

"It is the results of the polling stations counted in front of the witnesses who will be authentic in case of contradiction", assured Vital Kamerhe, representative of the other opponent, Felix Tshisekedi.

The meeting also "tackled the painful issue of exclusion" of three areas of conflict that will not be able to vote Sunday (Butembo, Beni and Yumbi), according to Vital Kamerhe.

million. Nangaa referred to "problems that may arise here and there", essentially "technical problems".

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