DRC / elections: UN Special Representative calls for calm and consultation

 DRC / elections: UN Special Representative calls for calm and concerted action

KINSHASA – The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Leila Zerrougui Called for Calm and the consultation after the postponement of the general elections scheduled for Sunday in three conflict zones including Beni (center), expressing his optimism to establish a common ground for the interest of the country.

"We regret that part of the DRC is unable to vote Sunday.We understand that there are constraints, but this postponement is a real blow for a population that is already suffering many sufferings" Zerrougui said in an interview with Jeune Afrique magazine on Wednesday.

"I will continue my work to calm people's minds Beni remains one of MONUSCO's priorities, we continue to support our people by facilitating the response to the Ebola outbreak and by conducting operations to strengthen security in this region, "she added.

To a question whether the conditions under which the elections are held are acceptable, the head of Monusco said that "it is up to the Congolese to say"

"In recent days, I have met Lamuka's opponent Martin Fayulu, the people of Ceni and the President of the Republic, and I try to play my part, which is to ask them to find a common ground, "she insisted, adding:" I consider that the elections will be held on the 30th. If this is not the case, it may be a problem because there is real tension in within the population ".

"We had been informed beforehand when the Commission was hesitating between one or two weeks for this postponement, and I suggested to them that if they were to announce a new date, it would be I was told that the ideal date would have been January 6. But on the Congolese side, we do not want to exceed the deadline of December 31, in order to meet the deadlines set in the agreement of New Year's Eve ", she said.

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On the voting machine, Ms. Zerrougui said that "everyone has agreed that accepting this machine as a printer is not a problem". "The opposition demands that a mechanism of consultation be activated during this period, so that all can consult with Ceni Martin Fayulu asked me again, and I transmit this message," she said. said.

In this context, she stated that the Security Council has given "a mandate of technical, logistical and good offices support, as well as an additional budget".

"The Congolese government decided to organize these elections itself, and our interlocutors in Kinshasa wanted to take up this challenge, to which I replied: if you succeed, I will be the first to applaud, "she added.

"In August," she said, "I proposed to the Security Council to return the planes that had been made available." He said, "Stay mobilized until the last day of the elections. If need be, we do not want the United Nations to be blamed, "said the UN official.

"Most of the planes were eventually fired on December 3. We still have those who were supposed to bring back the results of the votes, which will remain until at least the beginning of January, that being said, Monusco provides technical support to these elections Our agents are present inside the offices of the Ceni.We have 217 experts, distributed in 26 provinces ", she continued

To a question about the "transparency reports" between Ceni and the UN, Ms. Zerrougui said that since her arrival in February, "at each deadline, we must stay on schedule and until now they have respected this demand, the Ceni is a national body, which responds to national institutions. "

Regarding the incidents that sparked the election campaign, Ms. Zerrougui said she condemned the sad event. "There have been deaths, and armed groups have opposed the electoral roll-out, the Office of Human Rights has been deployed and more in-depth investigations are needed to determine the circumstances", he said. it asserted.

"I was there in 2011 and if we compare what is happening today to the tensions of the time, I think that this campaign has gone rather better." Certainly, there were obstacles But overall, the candidates were able to campaign, "she said.

The UN official also called on the Congolese authorities to "work to convince the Security Council that the situation no longer requires the maintenance of the Monusco".

"It is supposed to renew our mandate in March, but I want to believe that the Congolese government is in a logic of gradual withdrawal, rather than brutal," she concluded.

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