Elections in the DRC: the UN calls for accountability before the publication of the final results

 Elections in the DRC: the UN calls for accountability before the publication of the final results

NEW YORK (United Nations) – UN envoy to the Democratic Republic of Congo Leila Zerrougui on Friday called for "the supreme sense of responsibility" in the coming days as announced the final results of the presidential election.

Leila Zerrougui, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for the DRC, told the Security Council that next week could be marked by a period of challenges and judicial review of the provisional results of the presidential election, and that the Constitutional Court should announce the final results within a week.

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She observed that the coming days would be essential for the conclusion of these historic elections in the DRC, committing to dialogue with all stakeholders in the DRC. "A supreme sense of responsibility must prevail in the days ahead," she said.

After two years of delay and several postponements, the elections in the DRC were finally organized on December 30, 2018, even though the vote in the regions of Beni, Butembo and Yumbi was postponed until March 2019 on the grounds concerns over Ebola outbreak and security situation.

On Thursday, the DRC's independent National Electoral Commission announced the provisional results of the election, declaring the opposition politician, Felix Tshisekedi, winner of the presidential election with 38.57% of the vote.

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The commission also announced that the other opposition candidate, Martin Fayulu, won 34.83% of the vote, and incumbent government candidate Emmanuel Shadary, 23.84% of the vote.

Following this announcement, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on all stakeholders to refrain from all violence and to transmit any electoral disputes through the institutional mechanisms established in accordance with the Constitution of the United Nations. the DRC and the applicable election laws.

In her presentation to the Security Council on Friday, Ms. Zerrougui stated that millions of Congolese women and men had demonstrated their commitment to the country's political process and their determination to exercise their democratic right to vote, and therefore "we We must show them our collective solidarity, as the electoral process is being finalized and the DRC is preparing to carry out the first peaceful transition of power in its history. "

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