EU-Morocco agreement: Green and left MEPs denounce illegal vote

STRASBOURG – Greens and left MEPs withdrew on Monday from voting operation EU-Morocco fisheries agreement, at the level of the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade (INTA), denouncing an "illegal adoption".

MEPs from the Greens and left who withdrew at the beginning of this Monday evening adoption session at the European Parliament, opposed the procedure, while the rapporteur of the Committee on International Trade, Patricia Lalonde, had just announced her resignation following revelations reported by the press on her "direct collusion with Moroccan interests" and for having drafted a "controversial" and "partial" report on the said EU fisheries agreement. Morocco.

Patricia Lalonde, MEP, presented Monday her letter of resignation from her position as rapporteur of the INTA Commission, in charge of the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement in the European Parliament, following a an exclusive survey conducted by the website EUobserver which revealed at the end of November that the parliamentarian is a member of the Board of Directors of the Moroccan foundation "EuroMedA", moreover not decelerated at the level of the European Parliament and which acted as a pro-Makhzen lobbying group .

In a letter to the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, on 27 November, Green and Left MEPs called for the opening of an internal inquiry and the adjournment of any sitting on the examination or vote on the controversial EU-Morocco fisheries agreement, to ensure that the INTA rapporteur Patricia Lalonde had complied with Parliament's "code of conduct" on lobbying networks.

For Greens and left parliamentarians, the announcement of the departure of French MEP Patricia Lalonde as Rapporteur of the International Trade Commission confirms "although there was a flagrant offense and that therefore, his entire report is stamped with the seal of partiality and should be reviewed. "

"Mrs. Patricia Lalonde is known for her direct links with the Moroccan government and has organized several events in the European Parliament in partnership with the Moroccan State Institute, the Office Chérifien des Phosphates", denounced the MEPs again Greens in their letter to Mr Tajani, calling for an end to the review and adoption process of the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement until the completion of the investigation.

Note that the representative of the Polisario Front for Europe, Mohamed Sidati, denounced on Tuesday the adoption by the INTA Commission of the European Parliament of the EU-Morocco agreement which provides for its extension to the territory of Western Sahara Busy, noting that it is "a shame" to endorse a document that the editor was forced to resign the previous day due to "conflict of interest."

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