EU offers 12.6 million euro aid to Palestinian families

 EU offers 12.6 million euro aid to Palestinian families

BRUSSELS – Financial aid of 12.6 million euros was granted Monday by the European Union (EU), Finland and Spain to the Palestinian National Authority to allow the payment of social benefits to poor Palestinian families in the occupied West Bank and the Ghaza Strip, the Palestinian news agency Wafa reported.

Indeed, ten (10) million euros were offered by the EU, according to a press release, taken by Wafa, 1.6 million euros by Finland and one million euros by Spain .

"These donations cover social benefits to 62,000 families, 80% of whom are in the Ghaza Strip", which has been blockaded for more than 10 years by the Israeli occupier. The EU "supports the Palestinian Authority's cash transfer program in charge of social protection for the poorest families in Palestine", according to the Wafa agency.

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The EU "also supports the Ministry of Social Development in providing services to some 108,000 poor Palestinian families through a comprehensive and equitable social protection system," the source said.

At a quarterly meeting last October on the Palestinian question by the Security Council, UN envoy for the Middle East Nickolay Mladenov warned the Security Council against the humanitarian and social situation in Ghaza, claiming that the Palestinian enclave "is imploding".

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