Euro-Maghreb Days of Advertising Communication: The Visibility of Brands and Influencers

n Xavier Dordor, General Director of CB News (France), underlined during the 12th Euro-Maghreb Days of Advertising Communication, organized by RH Communication at the hotel El Aurassi (Algiers), that "advertising is selling: a brand that maintains its advertising or development is growing from 2.3 to 5.3% on average over 6 years. The higher the ratio pub / CA, the stronger the growth.

Media advertising is the first factor, but not the only one. For him, "all media sell. Just know their strengths and know how to use them. The digital has changed the direction of communication and its temporalization, and this movement is, according to the studies, definitive. Brands no longer have the monopoly or the control of the word on themselves, but are interlocutors like the others in a discussion open to all (citizen, lobbies …). Digital players have become the new world powers. The 4 Gafa (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) have accumulated capitalization close to the GDP of France (6 or 7th world) and the capitalization of the smallest of Gafa is greater than 95% of the GDP of the States of the planet. Brands are investing more and more heavily in Google and Facebook because they themselves have become media. They start telling stories. They begin to build relationships with their audience and their consumers. Because they understood that the days when the same message could be broadcast to a passive audience are over.

The true strength of the media is no longer their ability to display as many page views as possible or to reach as many people as possible at the same time in front of a screen (although it is still an important source of income), it is to create a link through stories. We have moved from an economy of attention to a relationship economy. The Gafa shared the roles. Google is the matrix of all information available around the world. Facebook is willing to connect all human beings on Earth. Apple allows everyone to have a luxury product to express themselves wherever they are. Amazon will be the next leader in the media world as it adds distribution to its media power.

Rym Khaldi, PR Director at MediAlgeria, presented in his speech the "marketing of influence". An influencer is an individual who, by his status, position or media exposure, can influence consumer behavior in a given universe. We distinguish "celebrities, macro-influencers, micro-influencers and fans of the brand."

Some companies of various activities have already used Algerian influencers: Emirates (promotion of services on board the airline from the first class to the economy class while passing through the business class), Coca-Cola (promotion and launch of the show Coke Studio) and the operator of mobile phone and multimedia Ooredoo Algeria (Haya! Chiche, a game containing 5 challenges with influencer Ramzi Bahloul, aka Ramzi Zenga).

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