Food and medicine: A bill of more than $ 9 billion in imports

Algeria's food import bill reached $ 7.25 billion during the first ten months of the year underway, while that of drugs was $ 1.796 billion, indicate the latest figures of foreign trade, released yesterday by the Customs.

Thus, according to data from the National Center for Signals and Customs Information System (CNTSID), quoted by the APS, Algeria's food bill has risen by 130 million dollars during the period from January to October, or 1.83%, compared to the first 10 months of the previous year, when it was valued at $ 7.12 billion.

Weighing nearly 19% of the overall import structure, Algeria's food bill marks a slight worsening in the first ten months of 2018, mainly due to the rise in cereal group imports, semolina and flour, as well as cakes and residues from the extraction of soya, specify the customs services.

In detail, the same source argues that the import bill for grains, semolina and flours, which accounted for more than 36% of food imports in the first ten months of 2018, soared to $ 2.61 billion. against $ 2.27 billion in the same period last year, an increase of $ 340 million (+ 15%) between the two periods of comparison.

Imports of cakes and soybean residues also increased to $ 583.84 million from January to October, an increase of almost 62% over the previous year. in the first ten months of 2017.

For oils intended for the food industry (classified in the group of goods intended for the operation of the tool of production), their invoice on the importation on the other hand decreased to 698,89 million dollars, against 702 , $ 5.0 million a year earlier, according to Customs, which also report relative declines in imports of five other major food products, namely milk and milk products, sugar and sugar confectionery, coffee and coffee. tea, as well as meats and pulses.

In addition to the drug import bill, CNTSID's balance sheet shows that it reached $ 1.796 billion during the first ten months of the current year, compared to $ 1.593 billion in the same period 2017, an increase of $ 203 million (+ 12.76%) between the two periods considered.

To emphasize finally that despite the various mechanisms of restrictions put in place by the government to regulate foreign trade, the country's overall bill for imports, including food, continues to evolve at disturbing rates.

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