France: after the "yellow vests", the "red pens" in anger project actions

PARIS – The "red pens", a movement gathering more than 40,000 people working in education, follow in the footsteps of "yellow vests" for socio-economic demands and a need for consideration.

Feeling the "forgotten" of the social crisis that France has been going through for a few months, primary and secondary teachers and teachers decided to create their movement through social networks to make up for the inaudibility of their unions .

Launched last December 12, the movement has collected on January 2 more than 45,000 members, even if it is not yet organized. It is the second social movement in France that was born outside unions. Through Facebook, the group remains closed and any request to integrate the movement must be validated.

A string of claims are carried by this movement, calling itself apolitical, which is not content to stay in the virtual world by projecting actions on the ground as soon as the fall after the winter holidays. But they must, they announced, define their mode of action.

It must be remembered that two years ago, through the Pasdevague tag, teachers had denounced the silence of the Ministry of National Education regarding violence in schools. Among their grievances, they claim the thaw of the salary index point corresponding to hours of work and fewer students per class and precarious contracts.

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"For the moment, we list our demands and we will agree on the events to be set up by department, because all of France is concerned by this movement," reads on their wall, indicating that they will support high school students and students in their fight against the latest reforms of bac and Parcoursup. "The time for action has now come.

After the yellow vests and high school students, the red pens decided to follow the movement and regain some rights, "they added.They demand of the government a revaluation of their profession" so bad ", a" real "benevolence" of the state for its students by improving their learning conditions, stressing that it is time for the state to take care of its teachers.

This movement has swelled the ranks of social protest, even if, apparently, the movement of "yellow vests" gives the impression of a weakening after almost two months of mobilization.

He also comes a few days before the "Letter to the French" that President Emmanuel Macron intends to disseminate through the press and social networks to explain his initiative to launch the first quarter the "big national debate ".

Under the pressure of the movement of "yellow vests", President Macron had to adjust his social policy without changing course in his reform program, which has also resulted in a vertiginous drop in his popularity.

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