France: growth of air passenger transport, decrease of traffic with Algeria

 France: growth of air passenger transport, decrease of traffic with Algeria

PARIS – Passenger air transport in France experienced a "very strong" growth in November (+ 6.7%), the monthly trend indicator Tendanciel reported on Friday. "of activity with Algeria (-5.9%).

"This autumn is doing rather well for French air transport with, for the fourth month of rank, a growth rate of over 6% and even reaching + 6.7% in November despite the context," said the government agency , pointing out that in cumulative annual, there are nearly 8 million additional passengers.

It states that this "flattering" result benefits less the tricolor flag (+ 3.6%) than its competitors (+ 9.3%) which, in November, capture more than three-quarters of the passenger gain .

In terms of international traffic, French air transport recorded growth of + 7.5%, an increase of + 5.6% year-on-year.

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America remains at the forefront (+ 13.5%) and is widening the gap with its pursuers this month. Africa (+ 7.4%) is ahead of Europe (+ 6.7%) and Asia (+ 6.2%).

However, in a dynamic "resolutely opposite", indicates Tendanciel, "Algeria still affirms its singularity, with this month again a net ebb of activity (-5.9%)". The organism does not explain the reasons for this decline

Regarding major destinations, the record is achieved in Brazil (+ 34.1%), a performance to be tempered however due to the poor results of last year on this country.

Statistics show the increase for the United States (+ 16.9%), Turkey (+ 13.4%), Tunisia (+ 13.3%), Canada (+ 12.7%) and Germany ( + 10.0%), which are joined by Morocco (+ 12.6%) and Senegal (+ 12.3%).

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On the carrier side, the weakening of the position of French operators (+ 3.6%) vis-à-vis their competitors (+ 9.3%) intensified in November with a differential climbing to -5.7 points, indicated Tendanciel, stating that the degradation is particularly significant in the internal market where this gap reaches -11.9 points.

With regard to airports, the majority of major platforms are seeing their attendance increase reach or exceed the 10% mark. In Paris, CDG (+ 6.3%) is twice as good as Orly (+ 3.2%), crossing for the first time the 30 million mark of travelers as early as the year.

In terms of regularity, the month of November marks a deterioration in the indicators: the rate of flights delayed more than a quarter of an hour at the start is 22.0%, ie 1.9 more points than 2017. The average departure delay (all flights combined) is 12.2 minutes, 1.4 minutes more than in November 2017.

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