France-Islam: the CFCM refuses to be considered as the "natives" of the Republic

PARIS – The French Council of Muslim worship (CFCM) refused Saturday to be considered by the French state as the "natives" of the Republic, calling him to abandon his "colonial" management of Islam in France.

In a statement received at the APS, the CFCM rebels and is indignant that for a meeting Monday at the Elysee of custom Muslim, it is the services of the Ministry of the Interior who are charged by the President Emmanuel Macron to choose the guests for a meeting.

"On January 7, 2019, Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, must meet in Paris at the Elysee, Muslim personalities whose selection was, it seems, entrusted to the services of the Ministry of the These same services have taken care to dismiss other people, "said the CFCM, noting that" this brings us back to the period of 'colonial Islam'. "

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The president of the CFCM Ahmet Ogras protested to the advisers of President Macron for "not being consulted so as to also propose officials known for their commitment to the interests of the French Muslim cult, but also because they are very representatives in the field ", it was added.

The CFCM asked, for this purpose, that Muslim personalities and its members be treated "with respect" as the other leaders of the various religions and to ensure "equal treatment."

"There are 'yellow' vests, should we put 'green' vests in our turn so that we can speak around the table of the Republic," asked the Muslim association.

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