France says it is "worried" by the increase of violence in Mali

PARIS – France expressed its concern on Wednesday about the increase in "serious" killings and violence against civilians in Mali.

"France is concerned by the increase in killings and serious violence against civilians in central Mali in recent months, which has seen a new peak yesterday with several dozen deaths," said the door of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Agnès Von Der Mühll.

Thirty-seven civilians were killed Tuesday in the attack on a Fulani village in Koulogon, located in the center of the country. The Malian government has indicated that it is armed men dressed in traditional fighter uniforms who led the attack.

To this end, France has called on the Malian authorities to make a "strong reaction" so that "these crimes are promptly investigated and their perpetrators prosecuted and punished".

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For the Quai d'Orsay, it is "important" that this response "is based on an approach associating judicial action, prevention of new human rights violations and disarmament of all militias, such as the government. is engaged in it. "

France has been militarily committed to Mali since January 2013. It was the Malian authorities who had asked President François Hollande to stop the advance of the terrorist groups that proliferated in the north of the country.

France intervenes, one recalls, within the framework of the Serval operation, under mandate of the UN (resolution 2085 of the UN).

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