France: the attack of Strasbourg, a new test for the president Macron

 France: the attack of Strasbourg, a new test for the president Macron

PARIS-The attack on Tuesday night in Strasbourg, home of the mythical Christmas market, which left three dead and 13 wounded, is for French President Emmanuel Macron a new test after that of "yellow vests".

Strasbourg, a border town with Germany, was on Tuesday night the scene of a deadly shooting, whose author of the attack is wounded and still on the run.

A few hours earlier, the town was troubled by a demonstration by high school students who burned vehicles and set fire to the city's garbage cans.

According to preliminary information, the 29-year-old suspect was born in Strasbourg and released from prison at the end of 2015. He was known as a "chronic offender since he was a child", according to a security source, stating that he was convicted in Germany by the Singen District Court in Baden-Württemberg for theft and then deported to France in 2017 after serving his sentence.

According to the same source, he has about twenty common law convictions in France and Germany and he was to be the subject, on Tuesday before his crime, of an interpellation in the context of a case of attempt to homicide, has it been added

The Paris prosecutor's office opened an investigation into "assassinations and attempted murders in connection with a terrorist enterprise".

In a press conference, the Paris prosecutor, Rémy Heitz, said that four relatives of the attacker were placed in police custody.

The level "emergency bombing", the highest level of the Vigipirate plan, was triggered Tuesday night across France. It allows the authorities "the exceptional mobilization of means" the time of the search for an assailant.

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Indeed, a search operation was launched immediately and the security services hired some 350 people, including 100 members of the judicial police, military and two helicopters, to locate and arrest him, according to the minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner.

German police were also used. In several crossing points on the French border, she checked the passengers on Wednesday.

In France, the indignation is total and this attack plunges, to a few days of the holidays of end of the year, the country in the psychosis of the attacks of 2015 and 2016.

== Calls for a "truce" of the mobilization of "yellow vests" ==

What constitutes a new test for President Macron and his government as they face a serious crisis, born of the mobilization of "yellow vests" angry at the tax increases and the erosion of power. purchase of the French

The French president has multiplied, in the last 48 hours, measures in favor of appeasement, but it is still jostled by this murderous attack.

What prompted several politicians, and even on the side of the "yellow vests", to call for a "truce" of the citizen mobilization that prepared the act V of the demonstrations for next Saturday.

Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, Laurent Nu? Ez, wished on Wednesday "that there will be fewer demonstrations", counting on a "general responsibility" of the French especially after the attack of Strasbourg and the fact that the attacker is still at large.

"I hope we will not have to mobilize so many men simply because there will be a general responsibility in the country that will make we have a little less demonstrations or even less," he said. he said.

But everyone is wondering in France about the impact that this attack will have on the continuation of the movement, but in any case, the calls are numerous for a possible truce.

However, several "yellow vests" have seen, through social networks that have ignited, in this terrorist attack "the hand of the state to divert attention" from their movement.

An active member of the "yellow vests", questioned by AFP said he "can not help but think it's weird, it's a shot up." It was planned to block the European Parliament, knew which hotels the MPs were in, and as if by chance it was fired, they are stifling the movement. "

But many French people reacted, in social networks, against this "repugnant plot."

While the National Rally called the demonstrators to respect a "truce" and the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, recommended the suspension of the mobilization, the insubordinate France indignant of the will to "instrumentalize" "this dramatic event.

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