France: the revision of the law 1905 to organize Islam is "discriminatory"

PARIS – The revision of the law 1905, which ensures the separation churches and the state, to organize the financing of the Muslim religion in France is "discriminatory", said Saturday the French Council of the Muslim cult (CFCM).

"The desired rewriting of part of the 1905 Act to organize the financing of the French Muslim cult could only legitimately be perceived as discriminatory, if other French cults can continue to receive donations and financial aid , in legally disguised forms ", explained this representative institution of the Muslims of France in a statement on the eve of the meeting organized Monday by the French presidency.

For the CFCM, the objective of this meeting is to validate its desire to "control" Islam and Muslim citizens in France by using the political "club" of the colonial era, dressed in "retailled costume "of the 1905 law to" better fight against Islamist radicalism ".

He considered that this priority of President Emmanuel Macron "could have aroused great interest for the whole of the nation if it had not aimed at the consecration of a discriminatory policy against the national Muslim component, strong of several millions of French citizens ", emphasizing that it is not without" neocolonial schemes ".

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To this end, he asks for a "real" recognition of the French Muslim cult "in the same way as the other cults".

The CFCM reiterates its position that the political in France "does not have to interfere with religious questions", asking, for this purpose, to grant the Muslim religion of "new rights" in the framework of the revision of the law 1905.

Among these new rights, the CFCM claims the authorization of specific cemeteries throughout the national territory, the possibility of strict control of the money generated by the operation of the market relating to the Qur'anic food regulations as well as the methods of ritual slaughter, specific holidays granted during religious holidays and a teaching program of the Muslim religious fact and the Arabic language in the major French universities and certain high schools turned to international professional skills.

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"These are the types of measures that will allow Muslims to feel fully French citizens, recognized and respected," he said, indicating that in the coming months, "important" questions for the future of French democratic model, put forward by the movement of "yellow vests", will be put on the table, in the political world.

The representatives of the Moslem cult of France consider it legitimate for the State to legislate on certain questions, in particular to guarantee the equality of treatment of all the components of the nation, whether religious or not, and the freedom of religion of individuals, among others .

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