France: yellow vests set up barricades in the heart of Paris

The yellow vests movement, galvanized by the support of two-thirds of the French and the success of a petition "for a drop in fuel prices at the pump "which has exceeded one million signatures, continues his protest against the dear life launched a fortnight ago. His supporters have reinvested Paris this morning for a new day of action. The first information coming from the French capital suggests that the yellow vests want to fight this time with the police who are accused of "serious" overtaking.

A first incident broke out early in the morning, when a few hundred demonstrators began to converge on the Arc de Triomphe. Government sources say police dispersed the crowd with tear gas as protesters tried to force a checkpoint. Two people have already been arrested. Some 5,000 men have been mobilized in the capital, where a demonstration is planned at the call of the CGT union and a rally against rising fees for foreign students.

The first national day, November 17, had 282,000 people, and the second 106,000, including 8,000 in Paris. Sign of an anger that does not weaken, gatherings of these citizens for whom the ends of the month are often difficult are also announced in several other cities of the country, such as on the iconic Vieux Port of Marseille and in the French territories overseas sea. On the island of Reunion, reports the French press, the Minister of Overseas even had to be exfiltrated by his police during a meeting became too rough. This mobilization is not unlike that of May 1968, which swept the government in place at the time. Are President Macron's Days Counted?

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