French police angry: police stations blocked, long lines at the PAF

 The French police angry: police stations blocked, long lines at the PAF

PARIS – French police on Wednesday expressed their anger through police stations blocked and causing long queues of travelers at the airports of Orly and Roissy-Charles De Gaulle.

To appease this new sling, the government decided Tuesday to grant a bonus of 300 euros to police forces mobilized during the crisis of "yellow vests". This decision was adopted quickly in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday by the French National Assembly and will have to touch 110.000 civil servants.

Used by a mobilization of several weeks, the police officers, many of whom were wounded during the violence and clashes with the rioters of the last five Saturdays, were called by the police unions to leave the police stations. in case of emergency

On Monday, the Alliance Nationale Nationale trade union called for a "black day" for Wednesday to protest against the 2019 budget, adopted last Thursday by the French National Assembly, for the security forces, down 62 million euros. EUR.

"Despite our repeated calls to the President of the Republic, to announce an emergency plan for the security forces, so far nothing is announced," said the police union.

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At the airports of Roissy and Orly, the Border Police conducted a zealous strike where they took all their time to scrupulously control the passports of travelers at the exit or entry of French territory, thus causing long queues of about 60 minutes, against 10 minutes usually. In several cities, police station doors have been symbolically closed.

In Creteil (Val-de-Marne, near Paris), a hundred policemen, in uniform and in plain clothes, gathered in front of the police station to express their anger, while in Bordeaux, a few hundred policemen gathered in front of the police station which remained open, advising people to return tomorrow.

Tuesday night in Nice, a dozen vehicles of the national police crossed the city with rotating lights and two-tone lights, to express the anger of the police.

"Shifts, call backs, endless shifts, work overload, family life turned upside down, we are just suffering, and all that without any financial recognition," police said.

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The Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, received on Tuesday and Wednesday the three unions behind this protest to find, with them, solutions to their demands, at the time the government reaffirmed, through the mouth of the Secretary of State. 'State in the Interior, Laurent Nunez, his willingness to pay the 274 million euros owed to police officers for overtime accumulated for many years.

With this new crisis, the government is trying to work hard to appease a growling of the French who continues to grow.

The Council of Ministers, meeting Wednesday, adopted a text of seven pages to return on social measures announced on December 10 by President Emmanuel Macron and detailed Monday by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, to try to extinguish the anger of "yellow vests" before the end-of-year celebrations.

The cost of these measures is estimated at more than 10 billion euros that the government will have to find the money for the finances, one recalls.

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