Ghaleb Bencheikh succeeds the head of the Foundation of Islam of France

 Ghaleb Bencheikh succeeds the head of the Foundation of Islam of France


PARIS- The Franco-Algerian Islamologist Ghaleb Bencheikh El Hocine has been appointed head of the Fondation de l'Islam de France (FIF) to replace Jean-Pierre Chevènement, we learned on Friday from the foundation

Director, member of the IFF board since December 2016, Ghaleb Bencheikh was elected president Thursday at its eighth board of directors unanimously less one vote, was added , stating that his predecessor did not want to renew his mandate as president of this foundation, created two years ago.

According to a statement, Jean-Pierre Chevènement, who was unanimously named honorary president, said that after the launching phase, it seemed "normal" for him to renew his appointment. head of the foundation and is presided over by a French citizen of Muslim faith "sensitive to cultural issues."

The appointment in 2016 of Jean-Pierre Chevènement at the head of the FIF prompted sharp criticism from the Muslim community in France who had accepted that the foundation of Islam is presided over by a French Christian it is recalled

For his part, the new president, son of the Sheikh Abbas Bencheikh El Hocine, rector of the Great Mosque of Paris from 1982 to 1989, affirmed that the Foundation "will have at heart the support, on the educational plans, cultural and social, of youth who could yield to the Salafist sirens. "

"It is a secular institution that wants to be an area of ​​openness and the spread of knowledge: it is the place of intellectual debate, cultural exchange and the elaboration of the civilizational project to oppose including Islamists, "he said, pointing out that one of the objectives of the FOF is to" promote knowledge of the Islamic fact. "

In this context, he outlined some major guidelines for the next two years, including the financing of the foundation, the "profane" training of Muslim religious leaders, research in Islamology through the granting of grants and doctoral grants and the creation of a popular university to lure the general public to the knowledge of the Islamic fact.

Ghaleb Bencheikh El Hocine is a doctor of sciences graduated from the University of Paris 6. He followed a parallel philosophical training at the University of Paris 1. Islamist renowned, he is the author of many books including a " A little manual for an Islam to the measure of men "(JC Lattès, 2018)," The Koran explained "(Eyrolles, reissued Dec. 2018)," Jews, Christians and Muslims: "Do not make us say anything "(With Philippe Haddad and Jacques Arnould, Bayard 2008)," Open Letter to Islamists "(with Antoine Sfeir, Bayard, 2008) and" Laïcité with regard to the Koran "(Presses de la Renaissance, 2005).

Since 2000, he has been presenting the Islam program on France Télévisions on Sunday morning.

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