High school students join the "yellow vests", the government does not provide answers

PARIS – The popular protest in France on Monday another development with the entry in the running of high school students who demonstrated in several cities, at the moment when the government tries to provide answers to this popular grumbling.

A large political consultation was launched Monday by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to try first, and what seems urgent, to ease this grumbling that seems to be amplified by the maintenance of the movement of "yellow vests" still in action, which was joined by demonstrations of high schools in parts of France.

The Prime Minister, who canceled his visit to Poland in the framework of the COP24 summit, gathered political parties in Paris to listen to them and exchange solutions with them to this crisis, which is far from fading. the protesters' demands are not satisfied.

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This meeting comes after the meeting held by President Emmanuel Macron with the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, and security officials.

It also preludes holding another meeting on Tuesday with a delegation of "yellow vests."

Action is expected this week by the government to try to quell popular protest, a movement supported by two-thirds of the French.

The essential demands of "yellow vests", which do not belong to trade unions or political parties, are the fall in fuel prices, considered overtaxed, and the improvement of the purchasing power of the French who, according to they continue to deteriorate, even though figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies suggest the opposite.

Beyond the security aspect, an essential point of the meeting of Monday, in order to avoid the acts of violence in the demonstrations, all eyes are directed towards the establishment of the state of emergency or and on the minimum wage increase (currently 1200 euros) as a palliative measure that does not force the government to back down, especially for its reforms, before the situation becomes complicated.

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In a statement, the services of the Prime Minister said Monday that all consultations, as well as those that took place last week, "will lead the Prime Minister to announce measures to allow the smooth conduct of the consultation the President of the Republic, and to maintain order and respect for the law. "

The "yellow vests" ready for dialogue but do not give up

On Saturday, the mobilization of "yellow vests" in several cities, including Paris, gave rise to scenes of serious violence and degrading, causing 263 injuries, including 133 in Paris.

In an appeal published by the Journal de Dimanche (JDD), a group of "moderate yellow vests" indicated that they are "available" for a meeting with the prime minister, without renouncing their claims.

"We are now reaching out to the government, hoping that it will hear our demands, agree to amend its tax decisions and finally allow all citizens to be the actors of politics in our country, because democracy belongs to the people, "they said, calling in particular" the opening of general states of taxation ", a national social conference and the organization of" regular "referendums on the major societal orientations of the country.

They also demand the adoption of the proportional ballot for parliamentary elections, "so that the population is better represented in Parliament".

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Condemning "all forms of violence", these "moderate yellow vests", demand "immediately and unconditionally", the freeze of the increase in fuel taxes and the cancellation of the increase in technical control automobile.

In addition, more than a hundred high schools were blocked Monday in France, partially or totally, by a protest movement against the reforms in Education and sometimes supporting the "yellow vests".

Under the leadership of unions, the young protesters discussed the baccalaureate and high school reforms, as well as the access platform for higher education (Parcoursup), which they contest. The General Union of High School Students (SGL) said in a statement that it supports the movement of "yellow vests", but laments the violence committed over the weekend.

A car is reported to be burning in Aubervilliers (Paris suburbs), a police car has had a broken window and a firefighting vehicle

In several other cities, notably in the south of France, schools were blocked by high school students and clashes erupted between protesters and police forces.

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