Indonesian tsunami: 426 deaths, according to a reduced balance sheet

 Indonesian tsunami: 426 deaths, according to a balance sheet revised downward

JAKARTA – The tsunami that hit Indonesia last weekend left 426 dead, according to a report revised downwards by the authorities because of duplicates in the statements.

A previous balance sheet reported 430 deaths and the confusion was attributed to the fact that deaths were recorded separately by different districts. Twenty people remain missing.

However, the authorities doubled to 40,000 the official figure of the displaced and reported 7,202 wounded, a figure also significantly higher than the previous record of casualties was 1.495.

The tidal wave suddenly occurred Saturday night in the Sunda Strait separating the islands of Sumatra and Java, ravaging its coastline.

According to the experts, this tragedy was the result of a moderate eruption of Anak Krakatoa, "the child" of the legendary volcano Krakatoa, which caused a submarine collapse of part of the volcano and the displacement of water bodies.

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Indonesia on Thursday raised the level of alert about the volcano, whose renewed activity could generate a new wave of murder. Nearly 1,300 homes were destroyed by the tsunami.

"We recommend that people living near the beach be permanently housed elsewhere," spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency Sutopo Purwo Nugroho told a news conference in Jakarta. .

The radius of the forbidden zone around the Anak was further expanded Thursday to five km. Satellite images taken before and after the tsunami by the Japanese space agency showed that a 2-square-kilometer portion of the volcano collapsed in the sea.

This is the third cataclysm to hit the archipelago in the last six months, after a series of earthquakes on Lombok Island in July and August, then a tidal wave in Palu, on the island of Celebes, which left 2,200 dead and thousands missing in September.

Indonesia is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area of ​​high seismic activity and volcanic eruptions. It has 127 active volcanoes.

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