Israeli aggression against Syria: the Security Council called to assume its responsibilities

 Israeli aggression against Syria: the Security Council called to assume its responsibilities

DAMASCUS – Syria and Lebanon call on the Security Council to "assume its responsibility for the preservation of international peace and security" and take "immediate" measures to prohibit the repetition of Israeli aggression "against their territories and forcing Israel to respect international law and UN resolutions.

On Tuesday, the Syrian army's anti-aircraft defense took action against missiles fired by Israeli warplanes at targets near Damascus, Sana reported, citing a military source that reported three wounded soldiers and damage in ammunition warehouse.

"The majority of these missiles were intercepted before reaching their targets," the agency said, saying Israeli planes fired from Lebanese airspace.

In two messages to the UN Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council on Tuesday night Israeli raids on Damascus and its suburbs, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that "blatant aggression is a an attempt to perpetuate the crisis in Syria and the terrorist war unleashed against it in order to boost the morale of its agents of terrorists, "said Syrian news agency Sana.

Syrian diplomacy has vigorously condemned in these messages "this Israeli aggression to missiles against the Syrian territories targeting a number of positions in the city of Damascus and its suburbs at the time when Syrians were celebrating with joy the Christmas party for the first time after the cleansing of Damascus and its suburbs of terrorism, "added the Syrian agency.

Stressing that it constitutes "a flagrant violation" of Security Council Resolution 350 of 1974, the Syrian Foreign Ministry stated that "the attempt of the Israeli occupying authorities to terrify the people Syrian during the holidays confirms that Israel's actions are no different from those perpetrated by the terrorist networks of the Front Nosra and Daesh, "said the same source.

Considering that "the continuation of the hostile line followed by Israel is unachievable without the unlimited and permanent support provided by the US administration", Syrian diplomacy called on the Security Council to "assume its responsibilities in the preservation of international peace and security, to take immediate steps to prohibit the repetition of Israeli attacks on Syrian territories. "

Beirut denounces "dangerous Israeli violations"

In both letters, Syria called on the Security Council to "compel Israel to abide by UN resolutions on the agreement on the disengagement of forces and the rejection of the annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan" ", calling on UN bodies to demand" accountability to Israel for its actions against the Syrians … which constitutes a flagrant violation of the UN Charter, the provisions of international law, resolutions of the Security Council and all measures relating to the fight against terrorism ".

For its part, Lebanon has vigorously denounced the Israeli aggression and denounced the violation of its airspace by Israeli military planes, the Lebanese press agency said.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebrane Bassil has asked Lebanese ambassador to the UN Amal Mudallali to refer the matter to the Security Council regarding "the dangerous Israeli violations that endangered civil aviation and that could have caused a major disaster, "he said in a statement repeated by the Lebanese news agency.

Last September, similar provocative Israeli-led maneuvers into Syrian airspace led to the crash of a Russian military aircraft II-20, resulting in the death of 17 Russian senior officers on mission in Syria .

This tragedy provoked consternation and international condemnation calling on the UN to stop these deadly acts. Faced with Israel's "irresponsibility" and "arrogance", the Russian defense then decided to equip Syria with anti-aircraft batteries (S.300) for intercepting missiles in order to protect its territory and its population

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