Israeli aggression: more than 100 Palestinians arrested in the occupied West Bank

RAMALLAH – The number of Palestinians arrested on Thursday and Friday by Israeli occupying forces in different areas of the occupied West Bank rose to over 100 (100) people, including two MPs and a journalist, reported Saturday, the Palestinian news agency, Wafa.

According to the Palestinian prisoner's club, quoted by Wafa, "these arrests launched since yesterday morning (Thursday) have continued until this morning, and have been accompanied by assaults on Palestinian citizens, in addition to the intimidation of children, and also the search of homes. "

Israelis have, according to the same source, launched a large-scale arrest campaign in the provinces of the occupied West Bank, during which "at least one woman, two deputies and one journalist were also arrested".

Among those also detained are ex-prisoners who have already served long prison sentences in Israeli jails, according to the Prisoners' Club, another sixteen were arrested in Al-Khalil, at least ten in Beit- lehem, six in Ramallah, six in Nablus, and at least ten others in occupied El-Quds, including one former prisoner.

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Palestinian media reported on Friday that 40 Palestinians were arrested on Thursday night by Israelis in the occupied West Bank, "including 37 members of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement."

Since March 30 and the beginning of the peaceful mobilization called "March of Return", at least 235 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli gunfire. In addition to the end of the Israeli blockade imposed on Ghaza for more than 10 years, this movement calls for the return of Palestinian refugees to the lands from which they were driven in 1948.

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