Israeli aggression: the offices of the Palestinian agency WAFA attacked

 Israeli aggression: the offices of the Palestinian agency WAFA attacked

RAMALLAH – Palestinian Wafa news agency offices in the city of Ramallah were stormed on Monday by dozens of heavily armed Israeli soldiers, sparking a wave of convictions on the day of the 70th anniversary celebration. the adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights by the UN General Assembly.

"Israeli soldiers fired tear gas into the building causing suffocation by journalists inside the headquarters," Wafa said.

"The soldiers broke into the reception room and seized video cassettes and surveillance cameras after forcing the employees to stay in a room," the agency added.

According to Wafa's editor-in-chief, Khuloud Assaf, the occupation army detained the agency's staff in a room, took the server room, seized the recordings, camera tapes, and cameras of the photographers of the agency ".

Ms. Assaf added that "Israeli soldiers threw a deafening bomb on the fourth floor of the agency to intimidate journalists, as well as a gas grenade on the balcony of the newsroom's second-floor newsroom. , causing the suffocation of all journalists. "

The official also said that Israeli soldiers had thrown gas bombs and deafening rubber balls from the windows and balconies of the Agency's headquarters, "against the young people who had resisted the storming of the city. "

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PCJ) in turn condemned the Israeli army's targeting of Wafa's headquarters, calling the attack "a new crime against the Palestinian media and a blatant violation by the military." occupation against all Palestinian media in the context of a continuing series of Israeli crimes and violations against Palestinian media and journalists. "

The PCJ affirmed "that it will continue this dangerous attack" with all the international organizations including the International Federation of Journalists and the Union of Arab Journalists "in accordance with international law".

For his part, the general supervisor of the Palestinian official media, Ahmad Assaf, also condemned on Monday the Israeli army raid on the headquarters of the Palestinian press agency.

"This crime is one of a series of crimes committed by the occupation forces against the official media," he told Palestinian television in a statement. And to add: "This will not prevent us from doing our work with our people and exposing the crimes of occupation to the world."

According to Assaf, this attack on Wafa will see "a strong protest by all organizations to hold Israel accountable for its crimes."

Which is also the proof, according to him, that Israel "ignores" all the international conventions, UN resolutions and all the laws that govern journalistic work around the world.

The Palestinian presidency expressed "its rejection and condemnation" of continued incursions into the "all-out" Palestinian territories, stressing "that they (these incursions) constitute a blatant violation of all signed agreements ".

In addition to the Ministry of Information, the Foreign Affairs Department also condemned the attack on the Palestinian agency's offices, calling on the international community, the International Federation of Journalists and relevant international organizations to "act quickly" to ensure the international protection of the Palestinian people and also to pressure the occupation to cease its violations and crimes in accordance with international law.

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