Israel's new measures against Palestinian prisoners slammed

 Israel's new measures against Palestinian prisoners slammed
] GHAZA (Palestine) – A joint commission of various Palestinian factions on Thursday condemned the new measures announced by Israel against Palestinian prisoners of "declaration of war."

During a demonstration at the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Ismail Radwan, a senior Hamas figure and a member of the Prison Commission of the Islamic and National Factions, said Israeli measures "are rejected. "

"The new Israeli measures against our prisoners will not affect the determination of the prisoners and will never force us to end our procession of struggle against the occupation," Radwan said. He stressed that the issue of Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails "will remain the main priority of Islamic and national factions and political powers".

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million. Radwan called on international rights groups "to act as soon as possible to prevent all these criminal measures, which contradict international law and human rights principles". Earlier Thursday, Israel announced that a new plan had been created to tighten measures against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

The measures include reducing the length of family visiting rooms, prohibiting prisoners from preparing meals inside their cells and reducing the number of hours they can watch television.

Israel currently holds more than 6,000 Palestinian and Arab prisoners in jail, including 250 children, 54 women and 27 prisoners who have been detained for more than three decades.

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