Lebanon: Israel violates UN Resolution 1701

 Lebanon: Israel violates UN Resolution 1701

BEIRUT – The Interim Force United Nations in Lebanon (UNIFIL) said Saturday that Israeli violations of Lebanese territory violate UN Security Council Resolution 1701, after the deposition of concrete blocks in the south of the country.

"The role of UNIFIL is to find a solution to these violations and to guarantee stability in southern Lebanon," said its spokesman Andrea Tenenti, quoted by the online newspaper Elnashra.

The spokesman said that UNIFIL was cooperating with the Lebanese army to ensure compliance with this resolution and the Blue Line of Provisional Elimination established in 2000. The Supreme Council of Defense of Lebanon announced Thursday that the country would file a complaint to the UN Security Council regarding these Israeli violations of Lebanese territory.

These decisions were taken during a council meeting at the Baabda Presidential Palace, which brought together politicians and security officials from across the country to discuss the latest developments on the southern border.

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This meeting took place after Israel deposited 25 concrete blocks near the village of Adaisseh in southern Lebanon, while six of them were placed in disputed places.

The Supreme Defense Council declared that Lebanon "undertook to defend every part of its land and sea territory while being ready to conduct negotiations to resolve border disputes".

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