Libya: Closure of one of the largest oil sites by gunmen

 Libya: Closure of one of the largest oil sites by armed men

TRIPOLI – The Libyan National Oil Company (NOC) announced Monday the closure by an armed group of one of the largest oil fields in the south-west of the country.

In a statement posted on its website, the NOC has declared that it has declared "force majeure" in the al-Charara field, managed by the company Akakus, a joint venture between the NOC, the Spanish Repsol, the French Total, the Austrian OMV and the Norwegian Statoil. The field of al-Charara is one of the largest oil sites in Libya.

It produces 315,000 barrels a day, out of a total Libyan production of more than one million b / d, according to the company. Invoked in exceptional circumstances, the state of force majeure allows an exemption from the responsibility of the company in case of non-compliance with oil delivery contracts.

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The NOC has accused a local "militia" that "claims to belong to the oil facility guards" to have occupied the field. The NOC demanded the "immediate and unconditional" departure of these armed men who occupy the site, stressing that it had "no intention to engage in negotiations (…) with these militiamen".

"These militias must evacuate the field immediately," said NOC chief Mustapha Sanalla. He nevertheless affirmed the solidarity of the NOC with the demands of the people of southern Libya while stressing that it should not be allowed that "criminals exploit their misfortunes for their own interests".

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