Libya: legislative elections can be held before the end of the spring of 2019

 Libya: legislative elections can be held before the end of spring 2019

ALGER – The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Libya, Ghassan Salamé, said on Thursday that "the conditions are right" for the holding of parliamentary elections in Libya before the end of next spring, stressing that "the Algerian government can help the parties Libyan women to advance the political process. "

Speaking in an interview broadcast during the broadcast, Histoire en marche, of the Chaine III of the Algerian Radio, Mr. Salamé indicated that there was a continuous dialogue between the Mission and the Algerian authorities , arguing that "Algeria, as a neighboring country, is concerned with what is happening in Libya and can help, with several Libyan interlocutors, to advance the political process".

Referring to the security situation in the neighboring country, Mr. Salamé noted that the ceasefire agreement signed last September by the various armed groups in Tripoli is still in force, before expressing, however, its Concerns about the situation in southern Libya, where he was recorded, according to him, "a very frequent activity of terrorist groups", including the self-proclaimed group "Islamic State (Daesh / EI)."

"This is a question that has begun to worry us since last summer, and I have discovered with the Algerian authorities the same concern about the need to find a solution so that the situation does not worsen further. in the south where the borders are poorly guarded by the Libyan authorities, given the collapse of the Libyan state, "said Salamé.

He further added that "regional and international powers are beginning to intervene in this southern part of Libya, in one way or another, without being respectful of Libyan sovereignty" .

Pleading for a "regular coordination" between Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, neighboring countries of Libya, to better control the borders, the UN official said that this consultation will prevent Libya from becoming a " asylum for terrorists fleeing Syria and Iraq today. "

"I am in favor of this coordination between the three neighboring countries of Libya, and even to its expansion to other sub-Saharan countries, such as Niger, Chad or Sudan," Salamé said. warned that "Daesh terrorists could consider Libya as a safe haven", which would, he added, "pose a threat not only to Libya but (also) to neighboring countries".

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Constitutional support and an exclusively inter-Libyan conference

Responding to a question about the possibility of holding presidential elections in the first half of 2019, Ghassan Salamé explained that these can not take place without the existence of constitutional support.

In this regard, he deplored the delay by the Parliament in the drafting of a fundamental bill to be submitted to referendum. On the other hand, parliamentary elections could take place before the end of spring, he said, noting that "conditions are beginning to be met for their progress".

In addition to the experience gained in the organization of previous parliamentary elections in 2012 and 2014, the guest of the radio also mentioned a "very strong interest of Libyans to participate", found, according to him, during registration. to the electoral register and through the establishment of the electoral commission, for which the UN Mission had committed to provide material and logistical assistance.

Regarding the holding of the inter-Libyan national conference, he stressed that it will be "exclusively" Libyan and that the date and place of its conduct will be unveiled in the next three weeks.

"I still have to contact many Libyan groups before setting the date and place of this national conference," he said, expressing his appreciation for the initial steps taken in this context.

"The conference may be a historic moment for Libya, if I can convince the different Libyan parties who are counting on the moment of peace, of living together, of restoring the authority of the State has arrived, "he clarified.

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Taking stock of the work done by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Ghassan Salamé notably mentioned the transfer of his headquarters from Tunis to Tripoli, which allowed, he said, the establishment of a ceasefire agreement in the Libyan capital and the forthcoming opening of an antenna in Benghazi and a third in Sebha, in the south of the country.

Welcoming the Libyan government's efforts to restore security in the country, he said the issue of disarming the militias still needs time. "The urgency is to silence the weapons and convince those who use them to keep them in their depots," he said, noting that up to 15 million pieces of weapons are still in the hands of the population

"It will be quite impossible and naive to be able to pick up these weapons in the hands of people in the space of a month or a year," he said, insisting, in this regard, on the establishment of State institutions and the prevention against the use of arms between opposing groups.

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