Libya: UN condemns the successive attacks in the south of the country

 Libya: the UN condemns the successive attacks in the south of the country

TRIPOLI – The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) condemned the successive attacks against civilians in the south of the country.

"UNSIL addresses the strongest condemnation of successive but separate attacks against civilians in the south of the country," it said in a statement, echoed by local media on Tuesday, calling on the Libyan authorities to "take prompt and effective measures to combat anarchy in the region".

The killing of six hostages kidnapped by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (Daesh / EI) terrorist group on October 28 in the village of Fougha (center) during an attack, confirmed Sunday by a local official, is " particularly detestable, "the statement said, adding that" free killings are a serious violation of international law and can be likened to war crimes. "

The UN mission also denounced the forced closure last Saturday of the oil field of Al-Sharara (south) by armed groups, which forced the national oil company to invoke Monday a case of force majeure.

The "Anger of Fezzan", a social protest movement of people in the south of the country, called on the government through this closure to strengthen security in the region.

The closure could undermine oil production, warned UNSMIL, urging Tripoli to "act quickly and decisively".

Located 750 km southwest of the Libyan capital, the Al-Sharara oil field is the largest in the country.

It supplies about 270,000 barrels a day, or more than a quarter of Libya's daily production.

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