Libya: UNSULULAR salutes liberation of Libyan hostages kidnapped by Daesh

 Libya: UNSMIL welcomes the liberation of Libyan hostages kidnapped by Daesh

TRIPOLI – The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) on Tuesday hailed the release of Libyan hostages kidnapped by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS / Daesh) terrorist group in southern Libya .

"UNSMIL salutes the release of 20 Libyans who were abducted by ISIS in Fugha and Tazirbu," the mission said in a statement, adding, "This is another admirable example of the how Libyans, when joining forces, can defeat terrorism and overcome the challenges and hardships facing their country " According to the spokesman for Libya's East Army, Ahmad Al-Mesmari, the army launched an attack against Daesh elements in southern Libya, releasing hostages held by terrorists.

"During a quality operation, army units eliminated elements of the IS and released Fugha and Tazirbu hostages in the Ghadwa area, 70 km south of the city of Sabha, "said Mr. Al-Mesmari.

In November, Daesh elements conducted separate attacks on the police station and several government buildings in Tazirbu, killing eight people and injuring more than 15 and capturing dozens of hostages. In October, the group attacked downtown Fugha in the Jufr region, about 650 km southeast of Tripoli, killing five people and taking several hostages.

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