Meetings of Med-TSO in Algiers: Objective: Development of the Mediterranean Electricity Market

Algeria hosted, for the first time, from 27 to 28 November, the statutory meetings of the Association des Managers of the Mediterranean Electricity Transmission Networks (Med-TSO) of which it is a member

The information was given the day before yesterday by Sonelgaz in a statement reprinted by the APS. The work of the executive committee and the general assembly, which took place at the company's headquarters in Algiers, saw the presentation by the chairmen of the technical committees of the progress of work related to the implementation. of the second phase of the Mediterranean Energy Project

The representatives of the member countries of this association, present at these two meetings, also discussed the partnership agreement relating to this second phase as well as the prospects of the association, once this ambitious project was completed.

The Med-TSO Association launched the Mediterranean Energy Project in 2014 which aims to develop an integrated regional energy market. Energy infrastructure is essential to achieve this goal, the statement said.

Med-TSO is working on the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean reference electricity network, based on multilateral cooperation to improve the technical performance of systems, increase reliability networks and the sharing of a common set of rules facilitating electricity exchanges. Launched in February 2015, this project is underway with the support of the European Commission.

The work of the first phase ended in June 2018 and the active association for the implementation of the second phase of this project which will end in 2020. In this regard, the President of Med-TSO has noted, at the opening of the two meetings, that "the association has entered a new era in its history and that in order to achieve the strategic objectives outlined, a greater commitment from all member countries is required".

Comparing the Mediterranean Basin to an energy transition laboratory, he emphasized the essential prerequisites for the development of an integrated regional electricity market, namely developed and interconnected electrical systems, ready-made financial systems to support the necessary investments, sustainable and competitive electricity generation, as well as standardized rules and procedures.

Work programs and deadlines were agreed and presented by the chairs of each committee to the executive committee. This work includes the definition of cost allocation criteria for the development of international interconnections, as well as the definition of the performance indicators of the electricity systems of the countries around the Mediterranean.

This is also the development of a common platform for Med-TSO members to gather information on cross-border interconnections and to conduct short, medium and long economic studies and scenarios. terms, based on the impact of different factors of economic growth or technological development.

There is also talk of coordination with the various stakeholders of the project, in particular the Association of Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas-MedReg, with a view to defining common rules for access and use electrical interconnections, Sonelgaz's statement concludes.

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