MENA region: reacting to international changes according to domestic demands

ALGER – The work of the International Conference on the situation in the Middle East and North Africa ( MENA), organized by the University of Algiers 3, ended on Sunday with the adoption of several recommendations, including the imperative of reacting to international changes according to the exigencies and conjunctures of the region and working to consolidation of community defenses against extremist ideology

Based on the presentations made by university lecturers and researchers participating in the International Conference on "The Current Situation in the MENA Region: Problems and Solutions", hosted by the Faculty of Education, on the 8th and 9th of this month. Political Science and International Relations, the Scientific Committee concluded that it is imperative for the countries of the region to respond to new regional and international changes based on internal environmental requirements as part of a system of values. believing that this will strengthen societal security and the stability of the social fabric, and alleviate the security implications of terrorism and extremism.

Along the same lines, emphasis was placed on the importance of research in secular cultural, historical and civilizational relations common to the peoples of the MENA region and the valorization of values ​​that ban ideology. extremism that leads to terrorism. The participants also advocated the strengthening of social education institutions to counter extremism.

The recommendations for this meeting also underscored the importance of streamlining media and political discourse in order to alleviate crises in the region, preserve social cohesion at the cultural, political and economic levels, and hence the general stability of the region. In this sense, it has been recommended that political and diplomatic solutions prevail in the treatment of crises in the region.

In addition, participants called for the establishment of "unofficial forums for dialogue" to dispel suspicions, build trust between countries and bring views closer between different societies, particularly with regard to vital to the peoples of the region.

Regarding the Palestinian cause, the recommendations called for the intensification of diplomatic efforts within international and regional organizations and those of national and international civil society for the implementation of the UN General Assembly resolution rejecting all a decision or measure to change the status, status or demographic composition of the city of El-Quds and any attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In the same vein, participants stressed the need to support popular and governmental Arab and Muslim support for the Palestinian people to continue their resistance to the Zionist occupier and to remain with the Palestinians until the end. the recovery of their land and the failure of the American initiative "the contract of the century".

The University of Algiers 3 hosted an international conference on "The current situation in the MENA region: problems and solutions", with the participation of several teachers and researchers from 23 national universities and 3 foreign universities.

This meeting saw the presentation of a dozen papers analyzing the real causes of ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa and highlighting their regional and international repercussions.

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