Migration: ICRC says Global Compact will provide better care for migrants

 Migration: ICRC says Global Compact will provide better care for migrants

GENEVA – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said Wednesday that the United Nations Global Compact on Migration, adopted on Monday, can provide "solutions" and promote "a better consideration of humanitarian aspects of migration ", pledging to support the signatory States in the achievement of certain objectives of the Covenant.

In a statement made public, the ICRC advocated for the adoption of the Global Compact for "safe, orderly and regular migration" and for its implementation, believing that this instrument can "contribute to enhancing the protection of migrants , reduce their vulnerabilities and enforce their rights. "

Affirming that migrants suffer along their journey or in their countries of destination, the ICRC is convinced that "the Global Compact can provide solutions and promote better management of the humanitarian aspects of migration . "

To this end, the Humanitarian Organization expressed its readiness to cooperate with States in achieving some of the humanitarian goals of the Global Compact, including the care of families so that they are not dispersed. the use of administrative detention of migrants and support for the implementation of migration policies respectful of international law.

Assuring that the interests of States will be preserved, the ICRC has invited the signatories of the Global Compact to protect the "life and dignity" of millions of men, women and children who undertake "perilous" journeys every year . "

Referring to the debates raised by the issue of migration, the ICRC urged states to "work hand in hand" to prevent the disappearance of people, end the plight of displaced families and avoid detention persons solely because of their migratory status.

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The signatory countries were also invited by the Committee to respect their obligations under international law, particularly the principle of non-refoulement of migrants. "Whether at the borders or in countries of transit or destination, the force must be used only as a last resort and in compliance with human rights standards," the ICRC said in its statement. .

Adopted last Monday in Marrakech (Morocco) by a total of 164 countries, the Global Compact on Migration is a non-binding text designed to strengthen international cooperation for "safe, orderly and regular migration".

The Pact contains 23 objectives to be achieved to better manage the migration issue, based in particular on respect for human rights, children, the exchange of information and expertise, as well as the integration of migrants .

It advocates, inter alia, prohibiting arbitrary detentions and authorizes the arrest of migrants only as a last resort, but always within the framework of respect for human rights. The document must still be the subject of a final ratification vote, on 19 December, at the United Nations General Assembly.

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