Mobilization Act 8: the "yellow vests" maintain the pressure on the French government

PARIS – The movement of "yellow vests" in France left Saturday stronger that the latest mobilization wants to show that it does not weaken and maintain pressure on the government.

According to the police, there were around 15:00 some 25,000 demonstrators during this act 8 of the mobilization yellow who organized rallies and marches to symbolic places in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille, Rouen, Nantes , Rennes or Paris.

According to media reports, more than 2,000 protests in Paris, The particularity of this mobilization is that it was strongly framed everywhere in the cities of France.

In the capital, where they were thousands (4000 according to the police), the demonstrators gathered in the early afternoon at the place of the city hall for a reading of the open letter to President Emmanuel Macron in which they expressed their refusal to participate in the "great national debate" that he intends to launch during this first quarter and whose contours are not yet known.

They consider this "great national debate" as a "political trap to try to drown the subject", namely the establishment of the popular initiative referendum (RIC).

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The "yellow vests" claim "the introduction of a significant reduction of all taxes on the necessities" and "a significant reduction of all current and future pensions, salaries, privileges and pensions" elected officials and senior state officials, "pointing out to President Macron that" anger will turn into hatred if you continue, from your pedestal, you and your fellows, to consider the common people as beggars. "

Protesters later headed for an organized and peaceful march to the headquarters of the French National Assembly, but were prevented by the security forces. Hundreds have also invested in the Avenue des Champs-Elysées where businesses remained open this Saturday. A large crowd, during his visit to the headquarters of AFP, chanted slogans hostile to the media that the movement of "yellow vests" consider them biased in the coverage of their mobilizations.

Last Saturday, it is recalled, rallies were held in front of the headquarters of France Television, BFM TV, Le Parisien and RMC. For this Saturday, groups targeted journalists from some media who were forced to hide.

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Several incidents broke out at the end of the day between police and demonstrators, particularly in Paris, where protesters threw projectiles at security forces who responded with tear gas.

At Boulevard Saint-Germain, street furniture was burned, it was found. In other cities, there are also reports of clashes, notably in Beauvais or Lyon, where Highway 17 has been blocked. Protesters also tried to enter the prefectures of Montpellier and Troyes.

Faced with this tension, that the government does not seem under control, the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, called for "responsibility and respect for the law".

According to many observers, President Macron is obliged, faced with the determination of the movement, that 55% of the French want him to continue his mobilization, must "get out of his bunker" with solutions to silence the anger of the French who is not likely to dissipate, otherwise, they predict, "he will experience a very difficult year."

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