More than 2,260 migrants perished trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2018

 More than 2,260 migrants perished trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2018

GENEVA – More than 2,260 migrants died or went missing trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2018, the deadliest seaway, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) who called on European countries to "get out of the impasse. "

A total of 2,262 migrants are "dead or missing" attempting to cross the Mediterranean in 2018, compared to 3,139 the previous year, according to figures released by UNHCR on its website.

In terms of arrivals, 113,482 people crossed the sea to reach the shores of the Mediterranean countries in 2018, down sharply from the previous year (172,301).

To these figures, we must add some 6,700 people registered in Ceuta and Melilla in Africa, but who did not cross the sea: a total of 120,205 migrants arrived in Europe last year.

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These figures mark a drastic drop from the peak of 1.015 million arrivals in 2015, at the heart of the refugee crisis. But for deaths, the decline is less marked: there were then nearly 3,800 deaths.

In proportion, mortality has increased slightly in 2018 compared to the previous year.

The year 2018 was marked by a diplomatic crisis between European countries around the reception of refugees, especially after the Italian government, with strong anti-migrant speech, closed the ports to humanitarian boats this summer.

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