More than a third of immigrants in Europe are overqualified for the job they occupy

 More than a third of immigrants in Europe are overqualified for the job they they occupy

PARIS – More than a third of immigrants in Europe are overqualified for the job they hold, for which recognition of their qualifications is a great challenge, says Tuesday a report from Unesco.

Published on the occasion of the International Migrants Day, the guidance document produced by the team of the Unesco World Monitoring Report on Education entitled "What a waste: ensuring the recognition of qualifications and previous achievements of refugees and migrants ", shows that more than a third of highly educated immigrants are overqualified for the job they hold, compared to a quarter of the rest of the population.

"Systems of recognition of qualifications and previous achievements are not up to the needs: one in eight immigrants in Europe cites the impossibility of having their qualifications recognized as the main difficulty encountered, well before the ignorance of the language, the discriminations, or the restrictions with regard to visas ", explained the report which indicates that doctors or teachers are taxi drivers.

According to the Senior Advisor for Education at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), some migrants and refugees find that the procedures for recognizing their qualifications are so complex that it is impossible for them to find the lesser employment

Estimates indicate that in OECD countries only 30% of those with a higher education degree outside Europe or North America are employed in highly skilled jobs.

Less than 15% of them believe that their job is "in line" with their level of education.

In the United States, says the paper, nearly one in four immigrants with a post-secondary diploma end up with low-skilled or jobless jobs. "This represents a shortfall of $ 39 billion each year in terms of pay and a loss of $ 10.2 billion in tax revenue," it was said.

"Refugees are even less likely to have documents with them attesting to their qualifications," said Manos Antoninis, Director of the Global Monitoring Report on Education, explaining that "when you flee a conflict, take away your diplomas is not the first thing that comes to your mind. "

For him, recognition systems must therefore be "simpler" and the number of administrative procedures required of refugees must be reduced.

Children and students are not spared and also face difficulties in being placed at an adequate grade level without official documents.

To this end, UNESCO announces a new world convention on the recognition of qualifications of higher education which should be adopted next year.

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