Moulay Hicham asks Mohammed VI to "no longer be part of the monarchy"

PARIS – Moulay Hicham asked his cousin, King Mohammed VI of Morocco to be stripped of his title of prince and to be buried, at his death, in a place unrelated to the monarchy.

In an exclusive interview with France 24, broadcast Friday evening, Moulay Hicham, nicknamed the "rebel prince" or the "red prince" also claimed that he must now be called Hicham El Alaoui.

"I asked the King of Morocco to relieve me of my status and my title of prince.I completed all the steps with my lawyer on this subject and we realized that no Moroccan court can The issue was strictly within the jurisdiction of the King, "he said, adding that he asked him to have his real name, Hicham El Alaoui, inscribed in the Moroccan Civil Register.

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Moulay Hicham, 54, is the fourth in the line of succession to the Alawite throne. He once again called for the transformation of the absolute monarchy into a constitutional monarchy, "the only solution" for it to be "perpetuated", claiming that the Moroccan system is "blocked" and has not ruled out possible social tensions leading to "violent upheavals"

Concerning the popular protest of Hirak of the rif, Moulay Hicham, who notes the success due to the proximity of the militants of the population, affirmed that the Moroccan power "is in the same situation, in the same impossibility to bring economic solutions because it reproduced the same elites and the same overused institutions. "

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