Movement of "yellow vests": Macron asks the government to engage in a dialogue

PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron asked on Sunday prime minister Edouard Philippe to receive the party leaders represented in parliament and representatives of the "yellow vests", in a "constant concern for dialogue" after a crisis meeting held following the unpublished riots that shook Paris during the day of Saturday.

"The President of the Republic will not speak today" said a statement from the Elysée Palace after the crisis meeting held by the head of state with the key ministers of this file.

Previously, shortly after his return from the G20 summit in Argentina, Emmanuel Macron went to the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, a Parisian monument where the unknown soldier rests, which was degraded on Saturday during the third day of mobilization of "yellow vests" joined by many breakers.

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The monument, one of the most visited and most emblematic of Paris, was tagged, its museum ransacked, the face of a sculpture, reproduction of "La Marseillaise", broken.

Municipal employees and workers tried on Sunday to repair the damage and clean up the day after this crazy day of violence where some "yellow vests" and rioters clashed with police in different parts of the capital, in an insurgency , with fires, barricades, tear gas clouds, water cannon.

A total of 136,000 people participated Saturday throughout France on the third day of mobilization of "yellow vests" during which 263 people were injured against 166,000 the previous Saturday (figure revised up Sunday, the previous being 106,000).

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A total of 412 people were arrested and 378 placed in police custody in Paris, according to a report from the police headquarters that numbered 133 people injured in the capital.

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, a motorist died in Arles (south-east) after hitting a heavy weight stationary due to a traffic jam caused by a barrage of "yellow vests", bringing to three the number of deaths related to the movement since it started three weeks ago.

The "yellow vests", which take their name from the fluorescent vest that every motorist must possess, federate many modest French people who denounce their living conditions and oppose the social and fiscal policy of the State.

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