Movement of "yellow vests": the cancellation of fuel taxes, prior to dialogue

RENNES – Representatives of the movement of "yellow vests" in France said Sunday that the cancellation fuel tax hike is "a prerequisite for any discussion", with the government, after President Emmanuel Macron has asked Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to receive representatives of the protesters.

A figure of "yellow vests", Jacline Mouraud, 51-year-old Bretonne, released Sunday with eight other spokespersons of the "free yellow vests" a call in the press proposing a "gateway to the government" and raising a list of claims.

Cited by the local press, she confirmed to have been "contacted by the Prime Minister's Office" and said "ready to go to Matignon" provided that the government "back on the increase in taxes on fuels as of 1 January "

"We will meet before the meeting to fine-tune our proposals, but the rest of the movement will be determined by the government's intentions towards the people, who should be able to defuse the situation," he said. it indicated.

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In their appeal published Sunday, the collective calls for the opening of general states of taxation, a national social conference, the adoption of the proportional vote in the legislative, and the cancellation of "the increase "of the automotive technical control.

A first meeting on Friday of a delegation of "yellow vests" with Edouard Philippe had not taken place, with the presence of only two of them, one of which came out almost immediately

"There are many threats on the delegates, the yellow vests have claims, but do not want to have a delegate to wear them, it's paradoxical", regretted Ms. Mouraud.

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