New Zealand: a demonstration to denounce the arrival of a cargo of phosphate Saharawi

DUNEDIN (New Zealand) – The Friends of the Saharawi people in New Zealand, organized , Sunday, a demonstration to denounce the arrival of a cargo loaded with sahraoui phosphate looted, bound for the city of Dunedin in the south of New Zealand, launching slogans claiming the stop of this "flight and this crime" .

According to the Saharawi News Agency (SPS), protesters gathered in front of the ship that arrived at the port, chanting slogans against the plundering of Sahrawi wealth, holding up placards stating "stop the flight." "," we caught you in the act, "said the Saharawi News Agency (SPS), which states that the demonstrators also posted photos of Sahrawi activists carrying placards" we demand that New Zealand cease to steal our future. "

The ship "Triton Folk" came from the port of the occupied city of El-Ayoune, carrying on board about 53,000 tons of phosphates, worth 7 million USD, illegally imported by the company "Ravensdown" .

The representative of the Polisario Front in Australia, Mohamed Fadel Kamal has seized in writing, the executive director of the company, to put an end to his involvement in the systematic plunder of the wealth of the Saharawi people, SPS said.

In addition, a documentary film entitled "the winds of resistance" by Canadian director Josh Cambel, recounting the resistance of the Saharawi people and the involvement of a Canadian company in the looting of Sahraoui phosphate, with the complicity of Moroccan occupation regime, was projected last Wednesday in Dunedin, New Zealand.

The projection of the film was enhanced by the presence of a number of friends of the Saharawi people who reaffirmed their willingness to exert more pressure on the New Zealand companies to dissuade them from plundering the wealth of the Saharawi people, do you remember.

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