Palestine: 28 arrested citizens including a journalist in the occupied West Bank

RAMALLAH – Israeli occupying forces on Monday arrested some 28 Palestinian citizens after incursions into different parts of the occupied West Bank, reports the Agency Palestinian Press (Wafa).

Ten Palestinian citizens were arrested in occupied El-Quds, most of whom are ex-prisoners, nine in Ramallah, five in Beit-lahm, including one former prisoner, two in Toulkarem, including one journalist, and two in El-Khlail, the agency says, citing a statement from the Palestinian prisoner's club.

Israeli occupying forces invaded several areas of the West Bank where they viciously raided and searched Palestinian homes and assaulted residents, the same source added, noting that those arrested were taken to the detention center and of interrogation at El-Quds.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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