Palestinian Journalists: 413 Israeli Violations in 2018

 Palestinian Journalists: 413 Israeli Violations in 2018

RAMALLAH – No less than 413 Israeli Violations Targeting Palestinian Journalists reported in 2018, including the death of two confreres and the wounding of 278 others, the Palestinian news agency Wafa reported on Thursday.

The agency denounced the continuation of Israeli aggression targeting the Palestinian media corporation with live ammunition, the launching of tear gas, and arbitrary arrests of Palestinian journalists.

Described as a "premeditated savage policy", this aggression against Palestinian journalists wants to "reduce their activities and their roles" when covering the facts with ongoing violations in the Palestinian territories.

In his report, Wafa called on human rights organizations, federations and unions in the Arab and international press to launch international campaigns to support Palestinian journalists in order to put an end to the violence. Israeli climbing

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The same document mentions 278 journalists injured by real Israeli bullets, and also tear gas, in addition to physical assaults. During the same year, twelve (12) journalists were arrested and their identity cards released to them.

Add to this the case of attacking the offices of Wafa agency in the city of Ramallah by dozens of heavily armed Israeli soldiers, causing a wave of convictions on the day of the celebration of the 70 years of the adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights by the UN General Assembly.

Last November, the Wafa agency reported 24 Israeli violations against journalists, 18 of whom had been wounded.

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