President Keita expresses optimism about the eradication of terrorism in Mali

 President Keita expresses optimism about the eradication of terrorism in Mali

BAMAKO – Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta reaffirmed in his New Year's message delivered Monday night, his optimism about a rapid eradication of terrorism in his country or even in the Sahel.

He estimated that success will be achieved through the pooling of national, sub-regional (G5 Sahel) and international (United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali and French operation Barkhane).

"If zero insecurity is impossible," he said, "there is no doubt that terrorism in our country will be defeated, because confronted by the steamroller of a response carried by troops more seasoned and better equipped ".

But, after a period of respite, the attacks against the Malian armed forces have seen a resurgence in recent days. In the image of this ambush that killed two soldiers, including an officer, and made two serious injuries on December 30 in the village of Toubacôrô 200 km from Bamako, according to security sources.

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With regard to the peace process in his country, President Keïta expressed confidence that the signing of the United Nations-Government Peace Compact on 15 October 2018, to which the United Nations Coordination of the movements of Azawad (CMA) and the Platform (former rebel groups) have joined, will help to reinforce the momentum initiated in the implementation of the Agreement for peace and national reconciliation, resulting from the process Algiers.

The Malian Head of State also pointed out that the military and security actions committed in central Mali by the armed forces separately or in conjunction with the G5 Sahel troops and Operation Barkhane "carry more and more plus their fruits ".

However, he lamented "intercommunal conflicts, corollaries of insecurity, which constitute a much more serious threat to cohesion and unity in countries once known for the compromises they had developed between their ethnic groups and their production systems ".

"Solutions to our security crises can not be military, they are also economic and humanitarian," said the Malian president.

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