Reopening of a new border post between Ethiopia and Eritrea

 Reopening of a new border crossing between Ethiopia and Eritrea

ADDIS-ABABA – Eritrean President Issaias Afeworki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reopened another cross-border crossing on Monday as part of the reconciliation between their two countries, reported television. EBC Public Library

In September, two border crossings reopened after being closed for 20 years since the war (1998-2000) between the two neighbors of the Horn of Africa, mainly because of a territorial dispute , and made some 80,000 dead.

These border posts, located between the towns of Bure, Ethiopia, and Debay Sima, in Eritrea, and between Zalambessa (Ethiopia) and Serha (Eritrea), were however closed again in December, with no explanation is given, according to local media.

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But the reopening on Monday of the crossing point between Humera (Ethiopia) and Oum Hajer (Eritrea) is a new sign of standardization guaranteeing the free movement of goods and people between the two countries. The former province of Ethiopia, Eritrea declared independence in 1993 after driving out Ethiopian troops from its territory two years earlier.

The demarcation of the border then provoked the conflict of 1998, before ending with 18 years of cold war, Ethiopia refusing to comply with the recommendations of a UN-supported commission on the route of the border. The arrival in power in Ethiopia in April 2018 of Mr. Abiy, a 42-year-old reformer, changed the game and allowed the signing of a peace agreement in July.

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