Retaliation and discrimination in Western Sahara: a majority MP challenges the French MFA

PARIS – The deputy of the Republic on the march (LREM) Sébastien Nadot, has arrested the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, on the situation in Western Sahara and the discrimination and reprisals affecting the children of Saharawi human rights defenders.

"Occupied since November 1975 by Morocco, despite the resolutions of the United Nations (UN), Western Sahara has been waiting since 1991 for the organization of a referendum planned by the United Nations with the establishment of the UN mission for the organization of a referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) ", wrote the deputy of Haute-Garonne in a written question to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on Tuesday.

He argued that since then, the situation of the Saharawis has "deteriorated" both with regard to populations under Moroccan domination for which human rights are "poorly respected", as regards refugees , estimated at 170,000 people spread over five large camps in southern Algeria.

"These refugees face particularly difficult living conditions and, according to information reported by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), feel neglected by international opinion," he said.

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Moreover, he indicated that in the absence of university? on the territory of Western Sahara, the children of human rights defenders "are today deprived of scholarships and vouchers to Moroccan university cities by the Moroccan authorities for their first year of university, this just because the activities of their parents in favor of the fundamental rights of the Saharawi people and mainly the right to self-determination ".

He felt that this deprivation, "particularly harmful" to the pursuit of studies, "is a very strong message not to express political positions for other university students."

To this end, he asks the French Minister to intervene with the Moroccan authorities "so that they respect the fundamental rights of the Saharawi people and put an end to discrimination against children of human rights defenders . "

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