Return marches: 6 Palestinians including a journalist and a rescuer wounded by the Israeli army

GHAZA (Palestine) – Six Palestinians including a journalist and a first aid worker were wounded on Friday by live ammunition from the Israeli army during peaceful demonstrations of the "Return marches" near the erected barrier by occupation in the Ghaza Strip, media reports quoted the Ministry of Health as saying.

Palestinian Health Department also announced the death of 26-year-old Karam Mohammad Numan Fayyad by Israeli gunfire east of Khan City Younes, south of the enclave.

The Palestinian news agency, Wafa, reported on Saturday, eight wounded including a child and a journalist in a "series of air strikes" by Israeli fighters, targeting several sites in the city of Deir Balah in central Ghaza, "damaging Palestinians' property".

According to the agency, a 22-year-old Palestinian boy, Hatem Al-Mohateseb from Tel Rumeida in the center of Al-Khalil, was "attacked and beaten by ten (10) settlers". According to the youth's testimony, "the occupation soldiers rushed into the area to protect the aggressive settlers".

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At least 253 Palestinians, including 45 children, have been killed by IOF since protests began in the "Great March of Return" last March, according to a report from the "Abdallah Center" Al-Horani for studies and documentation "of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

In these marches that have been going on for eight months, 25,477 Palestinians were wounded, 13,750 of them by live ammunition, adds the same source, including 4,379 children, 2,050 women, 460 members of the rescue teams, and 263 journalists.

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