Sahel: UN worried about increasing use of military interventions

NEW YORK – UN warned Thursday over escalated use of military interventions in Africa from the West and the Sahel, stressing that military solutions alone can not solve the security problems on the continent.

"The increasing use of military interventions to address the problems of West Africa and the Sahel is worrisome," writes the UN chief in his semiannual report on the evolution of the situation in these two regions of the continent, presented Thursday to the Security Council.

M.Guterres argues that "military solutions, although necessary, are not sufficient", advocating a "holistic" approach to fight against violent extremism. The approach must "focus on good governance, dialogue and mediation," says the UN Secretary-General in this report retracing the activities of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (Unowas), carried out as part of the implementation of the United Nations Integrated Strategy for the Sahel.

The deployment of foreign forces, particularly French and American, has intensified in recent years in the Sahel against a public opinion increasingly hostile to this military presence.

Since the outbreak of the crisis in Mali in 2012, the foreign military presence, formerly limited to training and the supply of equipment, has gradually been reinforced by the deployment of ground troops and the installation of bases. in several countries of the region.

The UN stresses the need to address the development challenges that are causing growing insecurity in these regions, where the "low level" of domestic and international investment prevents the achievement of of Sustainable Development.

The report calls for improving collective action in response to the deteriorating situation in the Sahel, through support for regional development plans, particularly the G5 Sahel countries priority investment plan.

Also, solutions to the political instability that characterizes several countries in the region should also include the participation of all actors in society, especially women and youth in political life and peace processes, says the UN organization

The report covering the period from July 1 to December 31, 2018, gives an overview of the evolution of the situation in the Sahel which remains "unstable" with "a rise in insecurity in several countries of the region" .

Guterres was "deeply concerned about the complexity of organizational capabilities and the growing influence of extremist groups."

"The increasing number of attacks in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Nigeria shows that these groups can strike throughout the region," warns Guterres, who calls members of the United Nations to redouble efforts to "tackle the root causes of this phenomenon and thus reverse the trend".

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