Security coordination: "a positive step" for the unification of the Libyan state

ALGER – Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel welcomed the recent measures taken by Libyans for security coordination, arguing that it is a positive step towards the unification of Libyan state institutions.

"The recent measures taken by the Libyans for security coordination is a positive step for the unification of Libyan state institutions," wrote Messahel, on his twitter account, the day after the announcement Tuesday by the Interior Minister of the Libyan National Union Government (GNA), Fathi Bashagha that the departments of the Libyan Ministry of the Interior and the security services are allowed to cooperate with their counterparts in the east of the country, in the goal of strengthening inter-Libyan reconciliation.

"We encourage them to persevere on this path of dialogue, the only way to allow the return of stability in Libya," said the head of Algerian diplomacy. The main goal of this cooperation will be to strengthen inter-Libyan reconciliation, said Fathi Bashagha.

Through this measure, the ministry aims to improve the security situation in the country, in the grip of a political and security crisis since the fall of the former regime of Maâmmar El-Gueddafi in 2011. The Minister of the Interior "granted permission to all departmental departments and security services to formally contact their eastern counterparts".

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Police officers and security forces from different parts of the country met last Saturday in Benghazi (East) to unify their security efforts. Many observers see this meeting as a significant step towards the reunification of the Libyan state.

The efforts of the international community during the year 2018 to resolve the Libyan crisis have made it possible to foresee a peaceful outcome through an inclusive political process, while security and economic challenges still remain to be met and require increased mobilization of the various Libyan parties.

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