Syria: the authorities are preparing for the return of civil air transport

DAMASCUS – Syrian authorities are hard at work for the upcoming resumption of civil air transport activities as a whole of national territory after the return of stability in the country and the return of foreign diplomats, local media reported on Monday.

The Syrian Ministry of Transport has asked air transport operators to follow all procedures and to ensure that the country's airports are ready to receive flights from domestic and foreign airlines soon, the Russian agency said. Sputnik.

Industry operators were also asked to better prepare for all situations and provide the best passenger services.

Authorities expect increased air traffic to Syria in the near future, in anticipation of the intensity of Syrian airport operations.

The only foreign airline flying regularly to and from Syria is Fly Baghdad (Iraqi), while Syrian Arab Airlines operates today at five civilian airports in Damascus, Aleppo, Qamishli, Latakia and Deir Ezzor.

The Syrian Minister of Transport, Ali Hammoud, said in this context that his department was discussing with the Russian partners the development of the port of Tartous in order to be able to receive ships carrying heavy loads and to continue the work of modernization of the all Syrian airports and the creation of new airport infrastructures.

Speaking to the Syrian People's Assembly on the Ministry of Transport's plan to revive the sector, Hammoud said the ministry was negotiating with the Russian side of the extension of the port of Tartous to to receive ships carrying heavy cargoes and building new deep docks.

The Syrian Minister also pointed out that "the national airline Syrian Arab Airlines had obtained a security certificate from the World Air Organization and that Syria had proved that it was always ready to represent the highest level of technical and professional air work. "

In response to questions from parliamentarians, the Syrian Minister of Transport said that the number of aircraft in the public company's transport fleet was five and will soon be strengthened by the acquisition of two new high-capacity aircraft to exploit new lines.

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