The Arab League challenges Brazil and Australia on the legal status of El-Quds

CAIRO – The Arab League on Tuesday adopted a resolution calling on Brazil and Australia, to respect international law and international resolutions concerning the legal status of the city of El-Quds and not to support the "plans" of the Israeli occupier, local media reported.

The extraordinary meeting of the Council of the League, at the level of ambassadors, decided Tuesday to "send a high-level government delegation to meet with Brazilian and Australian officials" to challenge them on this issue.

The delegation, composed of representatives of member countries and the general secretariat of the Pan Arab organization, will alert Brazilian and Australian officials to the need to "respect international law and international resolutions concerning the legal status of the city of El-Qods, "added the same sources.

The Arab League's move comes after Australia's announcement to "recognize" El Quds-West as Israel's "capital," while noting that the relocation of its diplomatic mission from Tel Aviv to holy city would await the conclusion of a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.

For his part, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced, in the wake of his election on October 28, the next illegal transfer of the Brazilian embassy to occupied El-Quds, as has already been done the United States last May

In this context, the League called on the UN Security Council to "assume its responsibilities by putting pressure on Israel, the occupying force in Palestine to immediately stop its aggression against the Palestinian people".

The Israeli occupier has carried out mass arrests and unprecedented killings against Palestinians, including those living in the Ghaza Strip who have been demonstrating since March 30 against the blockade imposed on the enclave and for the right return of Palestinian refugees robbed of their lands and property in 1948.

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