The first images of Bouteflika inside the Zaouia

ALG24 has procured for you unpublished images of the inauguration of the Zaouia Belkaïdya by the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

President Bouteflika inaugurated the new headquarters of the Zaouia. Sheikh Abdelatif Belkaïd, the son of the spiritual leader of the Zaouïa Belaïdya Sidi Mohamed Belkaïd, was, moreover, the welcome of the President.

Bouteflika visited the different parts of the building housing the headquarters of the Zaouïa. Remember that it is based on an area of ​​5 ha. It contains a Koranic school that can accommodate three hundred students.

He also performed a prayer on his arrival in the mosque of the Zaouia.

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