The French media at the test of the treatment of "yellow vests"

PARIS – The French media, in particular the continuous news channels, are confronted , since the beginning of the movement of the "yellow vests", to a problematic of treatment putting them in the middle of a polemic.

This forced the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) to self-assemble to meet first internally last Monday to "review the retransmissions and comments on the serious incidents that occurred Saturday. and previously "in France.

The CSA had called, last Friday on the eve of Act 8 of the mobilization of "yellow vests", "with the responsibility, heavy and complex, of the audio-visual media", recommending "not to diffuse information likely to endanger the security forces and civil peace. "

He also warned against "any complacent, unbalanced or insufficiently verified circulation of images and comments that would fuel antagonisms and oppositions."

Since November 17, the editorial offices of BFM-TV, CNews, LCI and FranceInfo show strong images of the violence during the demonstrations, with analyzes of experts considered close to the government and the movement.

The movement complains about this and judges these media biased working to "discredit". Since Act VII of his mobilization, during which he had called for rallies in front of the seats of France Television, BFM-TV and RMC, the tension rose a notch last Saturday between the "yellow vests" and the media or AFP was the subject of a half-hour rally outside its headquarters in Paris and several journalists were prevented from doing their job.

== Citizens denounce the overflow media ==

BFM-TV, belonging to the Franco-Israeli Patrick Drahi, is the media most targeted by the "yellow vests" in point or internally and externally tensions are crossing.

The movement claims that the chain wants to "break" by diffusing only the negative side of the various mobilizations by focusing on the breakers and the inherent violence.

For two weeks, the reporters of this chain were attacked by the demonstrators, a situation that pushed them to boycott the mobilization of women "yellow vests" last Monday.

"We can be criticized, but hitting journalists who cover a movement is beyond what we can tolerate in a democracy.This violence is the fact of a minority of demonstrators, certainly, but it has been systematic for weeks: insults, threats, aggression, "said Francois Pitrel, president of the Society of Journalists (SDJ).

It is in this context that the CSA wants to understand the difficulties of news channels and, at the same time, to encourage them to more restraint. All the images of the various covers were decorticated by this regulatory institution which analyzed the various editorial treatments of the news channels.

In addition, a petition "Stop the yellow vests in the media" is launched by citizens online denouncing the overflow of media treatment of these events.

"We are angry to see all day information on yellow vests as well as in special GJ shows, it's all day," they lamented, noting that "the media feed and that can not last any longer. "

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