The general delegate of the CFCM denounces the stigmatization of Islam and Muslims in France

 The general delegate of the CFCM denounces the stigmatization of Islam and Muslims in France

PARIS – The delegate general of the French Council of the Muslim cult (CFCM), Abdallah Zekri, denounced Sunday in Paris the stigmatization of Islam and Muslims in France contained in particular in the speeches of certain policies.

"The liberation of speech and the demand for an uninhibited France have made some politicians, by their hate speech and stigmatization of Islam and Muslims, genuine recruiters of Daesh and pushed young people to radicalization, "he said in an address to the congress of Muslims in France held at the Institute of the Arab World (IMA), noting that these policies" surf "on the theses of the extreme right.

Quoting these policies against Islam, Muslims and immigrants one by one, Abdallah Zekri said that these "intellectual terrorists are only politically motivating and conceptualizing the thirst for hatred and xenophobia against everything that is related to Islam. "

On the subject of Islamophobia, the delegate general, who is also the president of the National Observatory against Islamophobia, lamented that the complaints filed by his association are "often dismissed", citing the case of a prosecutor who informed him that one of the complaints was lost.

"Which led us to summon the State to the Paris Court of First Instance to initiate civil proceedings for denial of justice," he said, calling for "the end of the two-year policy". two-bar weight. "

Regarding the discrimination of Muslims, he considered that "it is pure and simple racism and the rejection of men and women who wish only one thing: to be respected", underlining the "strong "Concerns of Muslims in the face of the rise of cyber-hate against them."

"Cyber ​​hate, including chain emails, is causing lies to spread to Muslims and Islam," he said, adding that these emails "promote hate Muslims, () fear violence, prejudice and discrimination ".

He added that the Muslims of France are "preoccupied" by the "negative look" that some French people have on the Muslim religion, calling for treating Islam and its practice of worship "with the same principles and rules governing religions and cults historically settled in France. "

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